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What is so lit in being an Ali Insider affiliate?

How it works?


Does it cost me to become Ali Insider affiliate partner?2019-07-02T19:12:23+00:00

Ali Insider affiliate program is completely free, and there are no charges on joining it. You don’t even have to be Ali Insider user to become an affiliate.

Who can be Ali Insider affiliate partner?2019-07-02T19:12:14+00:00

Any dropshipping lover willing to support dropshipping community and spread the word about good business growth opportunities. Whether you have a personal blog, YouTube channel, active Social Media community or any other way of reaching dropshippers and potential dropshippers, you’re welcome to join the crew. However, Ali Insider reserves the right to refuse any application we assess inappropriate, with the possibility to harm the image of the brand.

How much can I earn as an affiliate of Ali Insider?2019-10-07T11:22:52+00:00

For every referral you make, you will earn 50% of the sale price. That means that you will earn $10 per sale on early bird and after that when we change the price you can earn more for every referral.

How do I track my referrals and earning?2019-10-07T11:24:50+00:00

Once we approve your affiliate request, you will get access to the affiliate dashboard where all the impressions, click-throughs, orders and commissions earned can be viewed and tracked.

How and when will I be paid?2019-10-07T11:25:38+00:00

At the beginning of the month, all the commissions you made during the previous month will be paid off to you via PayPal.

Who processes orders and handles customer service?2019-10-07T11:26:10+00:00

Ali Insider team takes care of everything. Your job is just to place the links and refer your audience to our website.

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to approach us at  affiliate (@) aliinsider (.) com