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Free Version Features


Spot Profitable Products right on the AliExpress search page

Start by opening the category you’re interested in or type in the search term. You’ll get instant analytics above the product images – Average Daily Sales, AliExpress Daily Revenue, “Rising Star” validation, the Date when it is Added To Aliexpress, ePacket, and AliExpress Standard Shipping Delivery details.

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Find out if a Product is Trending or it was popular in the past

By opening any product page on AliExpress, you will access the Sales Graph that shows the Sales Volume for each day in the last two weeks, and the Change in Sales from this week compared to the previous week. This is the perfect place to spot the product that just started to sell on AliExpress.


Ensure Fast and Reliable Delivery to your Customers

Open the Logistics tab on the product page and see the Time and Price of Delivery from different Warehouse Locations outside of China, and the Time and Price of Delivery to different Countries via ePacket and AliExpress Standard Shipping.


Choose a Supplier with a Steady Price

Open the Price History tab on the product page and get the Price History Graph that shows the change in prices on AliExpress for the last 3 months.

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Check Competitors’ Stores for Any Product

Open any AliExpress product page, choose the Competition tab, and Check the list of Competitors’ Stores on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon for any product. You’ll see the Number of Dropshippers that already sell it, their Landing Pages, Product Descriptions, Prices, and the Date when they Started to Sell it, which will tell you if the product is a new dropshipping trend or it has already been around for a while.


Check the number of Daily Dropshipped Orders and Competitors’ Earnings

Open the Dropshipping tab on the AliExpress product page and get deep Dropshipping Stats for any product. You’ll see whether the product has already been Dropshipped, the number of its Daily Dropshipped Orders, Competitors’ Daily Revenue, and Suggested Trending Products and Suppliers from the same niche.

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Get the List of Suppliers and their Logistic Information in a click

Open the Suppliers tab on the AliExpress product page and get the List of the Suppliers for that product. The list contains logistic information like ePacket and AliExpress Standard Shipping Time and Price of Delivery, Warehouse Locations, AliExpress price, and the Total Number of Orders that a supplier has.

Premium Version Features


Access constantly updating list of Top 30,000 Products on AliExpress at the moment with deep dropshipping analytics, competitors’ stores, revenues, and suppliers, along with top-countries where they sell.

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Use available filters and sorting options to get top winning products.


✔ Dropshipping Revenue (DS revenue)

Sort the products by their Average Daily DS Revenue and get the most profitable dropshipping products at the moment.

✔ Dropshipped Orders (Avs DS)

Sort the products by their Average Daily Dropshipped Orders and see which products are dropshipped the most at the moment. 

✔ Number of Competitors’ Stores

Sort the list by the Number of Competitors’ Stores on Shopify, eBay, Amazon, or by the total number of stores, depending on the “Competition” filter that you’ve chosen.

✔ Latest Products

Sort products by the Date when they are Added to the Top 30k products list.

✔ Rising Star rating

Sort the products by their Rising Star Rating and see the products with the highest potential at the moment.

✔ AliExpress Daily Revenue (AE Revenue)

The number of sales isn’t the only thing that matters. Sort the products by their AliEexpress Average Daily Revenue and get the products that make the most money on AliExpress.

✔ Daily AliExpress Sales (Avs)

Sort the products by their Average Daily AliExpress Sales and see which products are sold the most at the moment.

✔ Sale Change

Sort the list by the Change in Sales from this week compared to the previous week’s sales.


✔ Dropshipping

Get the products that are already dropshipped by others.

✔ Competitors’ Stores Platform

Use the Competition filter to see the products sold only on Shopify, eBay, Amazon, or all of them.

✔ Top-selling Countries (if available)

Choose any country and see what are the most popular products in that market.

✔ Latest products

Get products that just managed to reach the Top 30k Product list.

✔ Warehouse Location/Ships From

In order to provide faster delivery, find the supplier that Ships From countries outside of China.

✔ Rising star

Get products that started to sell fast or have high Alixpress Revenue relative to a low Total Number of Orders.

✔ Category or Search term

Get the products and their analytics for the Category, Niche, or Keyword you’re interested in.

✔ Product search

Search Product by its name or keywords to check its Saturation and Suppliers.

✔ Products with the Video 

Get only the Products with a Video on AliExpress.

✔ Total number of AliExpress Orders

Limit the search by the Number of Total Orders to get upcoming, fresh trends.

By combining different filters and sorting options, you can get Ali Insider SUPERIOR FEATURES:


Discover the Most Profitable Niches and their Finest Products

Open the Top 30k Product List and choose the Category or type in the search term you’re interested in. The list will show you Top-selling Products, Total Daily Sales, and Total Daily AliExpress Revenue for the selected niche. Click on the Dropshipping filter, and see the Total number of Daily Dropshipped Orders and Total Daily Dropshipping Revenue for the whole niche.


Get new trending products with low competition

Ali Insider tracks products that started to sell fast but still have a low number of competitors. In this way, you get the products with high potential that are still not saturated.

If you want to find upcoming trends, you can achieve that by :

  1. Step – choose “Latest products” and “Rising Star” filter
  2. Step – sort the list by “Stores” – low to high.

Hint: Look for the products with high Dropshipping or AliExpress revenue.


Find out if it’s still possible to grab the chance with some winning product

Type in the product name or a keyword to check if it is oversaturated or not. Saturation is dictated by the number of dropshipping stores that sell that product.

Hint: Check other suppliers of the product. They could have more dropshipped orders than the one you’ve initially opened. 


Find Target Countries without testing different markets

Check out the Top-Dropshipped Countries column in the top 30k product list and see where dropshippers sell that product the most.


Find Popular Products for your target market

Select “Dropshipping” filter, select Countries of interest (249 countries covered), and sort the list by “Average Daily Dropshipped Orders” to see which products are the most popular ones in that region.


Average Daily Sales (Avs)

Represents the average number of daily sales on AliExpress.

Average Daily Dropshipping Sales (Avs Ds)

Represents the average number of daily dropshipped sales.

AliExpress Revenue (AE Revenue)

Represents the average daily AliExpress revenue.

Daily Dropshipping Revenue (DS Revenue)

Represents an estimated average daily revenue from dropshipping.

Rising Star

To determine whether the product is “Rising Star” we use several factors: “Average Daily Sales”, “AliExpress Daily Revenue” and product Total number of orders. “Rising Stars” are the products with high Average Daily Sales or AliExpress Daily Revenue relative to product Total Orders.

Top Countries

Represents the top 5 countries where the product is sold.

Assumed Dropshipping Price

The Assumed Dropshipping Price is determined based on the AliExpress price and the most common markups for that product category. You should also consider the product’s perceived value and competitors’ prices to determine your selling price.
Note: If the product has different variations with different prices, we use the average price as the AliExpress product’s price.

Top Dropshipping Countries (Top DS Countries)

Represents the top 5 countries where the dropshippers sell the product.

Sale Change (Sale Change)

Change in sales from the current week compared to the previous week.