1. Visit Chrome Web Store from your Desktop or Laptop

Go To Chrome Web Store

2. Add Ali Insider Extension to your Chrome browser
Add Ali Insider to Chrome


1. To Start Free Version-  no action is required on your side. Just visit AliExpress site. (Tip: When you visit AliExpress site take a quick tour for better understanding on how to use Ali Insider Chrome Extension).

Note: In Free version you are missing dropshipping stats. To see what you get in Free Version visit features page.

2. To Start Premium Version:

Click on the Ali Insider icon in top right corner of your Chrome Browser and click  Account.


Enter License Key that you purchased on this site and click Activate. If you did’t purchased the License check our prices here

account activation


Category or Search page

aliInsider search

Type in your search term on AliExpress or go to any category page and get basic data above the product image, like Average Daily Sales, Average AliExpress Daily Revenue, Rising Star, ePacket…

Note: The displayed analytics are in real time.

aliInsider search

Product Page Analytics

aliinsider product page

Go to any AliExpress product page and get instant product analytics by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner.

Note: The displayed analytics are also in real time, just like on Search Page.

aliinsider product page

Top 30K products list

aliinsider top products list

Go to AliExpress site and click on the button in the bottom left corner to access deep dropshipping analytics for the top 30.000 fastest selling products, filter them and find out what are the best products to dropship among them.

Note: We update and add new products every day, but full list is updated every 2-3 days, so the data may differ from the data you see on the product page (because they are in real time).

aliinsider top products list


Note: Product analytics are based on the last two weeks period.

Average Daily Sales (Avs)

Represents average number of daily sales in the last two weeks period.

Average Daily Dropshipping Sales (Avs Ds)

Represents average number of daily dropshipped sales in the last two weeks period.

AliExpress Revenue (AE Revenue)

Represents average daily AliExpress revenue based on the last two weeks period.

Daily Dropshipping Revenue (DS Revenue)

Represents estimated daily revenue from dropshipping based on the last two weeks period.

Rising Star

To determine whether the product is “Rising Star” we use several factors: “Average Daily Sales”, “AliExpress Daily Revenue” and product Total number of orders. “Rising Stars” are the products with high Average Daily Sales or AliExpress Daily Revenue relative to product Total Orders.

Top Countries

Represents the top 5 countries where the product is sold.

Assumed Dropshipping Price

Assumed dropshipping price is determined in relation to the AliExpress price and the most common markups for product category. You should also take in consideration the perceived value of product and competitors prices to determine your selling price.
Note: If product have different variations that have different prices, we use the average price as the price of the AliExpress product.

Top Dropshipping Countries (Top DS Countries)

Represents the top 5 countries where the dropshippers sell the product.

Sale Change (Sale Change)

Change in sales from current week compared to the previous week.