1. What is CjDropshipping?
  2. What are the CJDropshipping benefits?

    – Fast Shipping
    – One agent for all products
    – Product sourcing upon personal request
    – Custom packaging

  3. How to register in CJDropshipping and connect your store?

As a competitor of Aliexpress, what does CJDropshipping provide?

1. What is CjDropshipping?

CjDropshipping provides various dropshipping services including product sourcing, order processing, shipping services, product branding, customized packing, and some other useful features for the eCommerce sellers.

Register in CjDropshipping

CJ platform has the ability to connect with eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Shipstation, Lazada, and Shopee. It offers about 400,000 products for drop shipping across various categories posted by the CJ team at the request of their users and current trends. 29 of the CJ Dropshipping warehouses are located across the globe.


2. What are the CJDropshipping benefits?

Benefit #1: Fast Shipping

Possibly the biggest benefit that CJ Dropshipping has to offer is its fast shipping times. CJDropshipping shipping methods include the most famous world postal services (USPS, DHL, PostNL,ePacket, etc.) and their own special delivery service – CJPacket.

In general, the CJ shipping time depends on the CJDropshipping warehouse location, your destination country and a delivery method. They have warehouses in 30 countries including United States, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France…

Since the USA is the biggest dropshipping market, it’s great to have a US warehouse to access – and CJ dropshipping has 3 of them.

If you ship a parcel from the CJ USA warehouse, the delivery time takes normally 2-7 days.

If to ship from the CJ China warehouse, CJDropshipping shipping time to the US is around 7-22 days. CJPaket shipping usually takes 7-20 days, CJPaket YDS US takes 12-22 days, and it’s 10-20 days with USPS (but the shipping fees will be bigger for it).

Benefit #2: One agent for all your products (CJ Dropshipping)

The company collaborates with more than 400 different fabrics to present trendy products on their platform. The awesome part of their collaboration is that CJ Dropshipping controls the quality of the products from their warehouses before shipment.

It means that there is no need to dedicate time to finding reliable sellers, like, for example, on Aliexpress. All products are controlled by CJ Team. And there is only one seller there – CJDropshipping.

Benefit #3: Product sourcing upon personal request

It might seem like CJ Dropshipping’s item library is somewhat limited. You might fail to find an item you’re searching for at first.

But this may not be such a big problem after all. Why not? Because they actually have a sourcing feature that will find you the best supplier and then upload your desired product upon request. 

All you have to do is post a sourcing request to them, which includes some product photos and, for example, an AliExpress URL.

Then CJ’s team does the rest – it usually takes just 24-48 hours for the product to appear on the CJ Dropshipping marketplace. Although the number of sourcing requests at the beginning is 5 per day, this increases once you start selling more on CJ.

Benefit #4: Custom packaging

Dropshipping with custom packaging is a great opportunity to distinguish your products from others, strengthen your own brand and show your buyers that they deal with professional eCommerce sellers. Dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping allows you to do all of this.

The CJ custom packaging feature is located in My CJ>Custom packaging. 

There are 2 sections: the Pre-Designed Packaging section and My Custom Packaging section.

The CJ’s Pre-Designed Packaging offers existing packaging options from different materials, including sustainable packaging for green dropshipping. Additionally, there are tags, “thank you” stickers, etc. to put in your packaging.

If you are not going to add your own logo to the CJ packages, you can pick one of the options there. In case you want to add a customized logo to the product package, you need to contact a CJ agent, provide him/her the SKU number, logo. Then it will appear on the Design Model. If you want your logo to appear on the original CJ packaging, similarly talk with your agent. It’s possible to organize it.

In case you haven’t found the necessary packaging on CJDropshipping, contact a CJ agent to make it happen for you.

It’s important to know that you need to have the custom packaging already purchased, so your CJDropshipping orders would be fulfilled with them.

3. How to register in CJDropshipping and connect your store?

Here you can create you CjDropshipping account:

Register in CjDropshipping

After creating an account in CJDropshipping and confirming your email address, you can log in and connect CJ to your dropshipping store on eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Shipstation, Lazada, and Shopee.

Everything will be done from the CJ Authorization section:


There you pick the necessary platform, click the Add store button, and provide your store name. Click on Authorize and you are done.

Also, you can check this video tutorial: